Makers of Things

Before I return to my beginnings, I want to write about who we are. I have struggled for years in an attempt to describe our company to others (the proverbial elevator speech) and this morning I had an epiphany. This realization isn’t new, I was ready to fully embrace it and understand it. It brought me clarity.

We are “Makers of Things.”

Our range is wide and deep.  We have built almost anything and everything in wood. 

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I was holding one of only two in existence.

Robert had been loaned one of the 18th century wall hung walnut lantern cabinets to be measured and reproduced in limited run quantities. The matching pair of lanterns hung on opposing walls in one of the stairwells of Independence Hall. And he had 50% of them in his shop. That’s what the new parts were for on the trays, the measured drawings, the profile tracings. It now made sense. I hadn’t been to the Hall in a few years, actually it was back when my dad was working on the Pass and Stowe book, but now there was a more elevated purpose. I made a mental note: “go to Independence Hall tomorrow.”  

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An Entrance

When I first started out I had no idea how to go about finding an apprenticeship let alone become an apprentice. Having been a musician for several years, it was a different kind of mindset. But as it turns out, many woodworkers or crafts people are both. I have seen a lot of drummers become woodworkers, for example. I myself was lead guitar in an original rock band. I thought that was my calling and it was strong, but something else became stronger.

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