After 20 years of creating custom furniture and casework for clients of architects and interior designers, we have taken the path of introducing our own hand-crafted pieces. With a seasoned crew of craftsmen, we have created a unique family of modern furniture that will blend with any interior, yet always maintain its own personality.  Let’s face it: it’s all about the process. To design is to embark on an an exciting journey that can take unexpected detours. We are proud to offer our work to you.

   Our studio is a fully collaborative one, from initial design drawings and mock-ups to selecting final finishes. In the end, no detail is left behind in our pieces. We love what we do and our primary goal is to offer a lifestyle functionality that is uncomplicated, giving a clean, beautiful, addition to any home. Let us live with practical, useful furniture that enhances our home experience, giving us comfort, and continues to make us smile.


          American, Hand-Made Furniture. Historic Philadelphia.


Fret Furniture